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Bisaya translation for gahi

What is the meaning or definition of the word Gahi?

CebuanoEnglishPart of Speech
dili humok; bagtik; bagtok; bagtik; bagtikan; tig-a; matig-a hard \hardy \firm \rigid \stiff adjective
gahi sama sa bato hard as rock \petrous adjective
solido; gahi kay tibuok o walay hunggal solid adjective
migahi hardened adjective
migahi sa sobra nga kabugnaw; mibagtik sa kabugnaw frozen adjective
bantok; bagtok hard, specifically referring to what used to be soft, tender or liquid \hardened adjective
bagtok kaayo frozen hard adjective
mibagtik; mitig-a; migahi; mibagtok caked as hardened clay, or hardened as in frozen ice cream, meat, etc., specifically referring to what used to be soft, tender or liquid adjective
namugon; nanibugon; bagtokon lumpy adjective
kaging; gangking; mikaging; tuskig; mituskig; tikig; tikigon; mitikig stiffened \hardened adjective
namagtok o mibagtok sa kabugnaw frozen adjective
nanggahi nga kaunoran stiffened muscle adjective
migahi sa pag-utog; giutgan sa otin; miutog having a hard-on \having a penile erection \erected (see also giutgan) adjective
magahi nga paglitok accented pronunciation noun
gahion; gahigahion somewhat hard (see also gahigahi) adjective
gahi og kasing-kasing (id.); walay kaluoy; bagtikan; tig-a og balatian; matig-a og kasingkasing ruthless \merciless \unkind \unfeeling \relentless \remorseless adjective

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TermDefinitionPart of Speech
eburnatedhard & dense like ivoryadjective

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