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Bisaya translation for pagputol

What is the meaning or definition of the word Pagputol?

CebuanoEnglishPart of Speech
pagputod cut \cut off (see also pagbugto) verb
pagpungkol; pungkolon; pungkolan amputate \mutilate \sever verb
pagputod sa parte sulod sa lawas excise verb
pagpul-ong; pul-ongan trim \prune \crop \shear \trim \hedge verb
pagtuptop; tuptopon; tuptopan lop off verb
pagputol aron mohamubo truncate \cut short \curtail verb
pagpugdol; pugdolon; pugdolan cut one’s tail short \tail \trim \cut short verb
pagpunggot; punggotan; lunggoan behead \decapitate (see also paglunggo) verb
pagputol patunga cross-cut verb
paghiwa; hiwaon; pag-abis; abison slice verb
pagtabas sa tela; tabason paghiwa o pagputol cut a piece of cloth or fabric verb
paggunting; guntingon scissor \snip verb
pagbugto sa dugtong o koneksiyon cut \disconnect \break \disjoint verb
paghagtos; ihagtos; hagtoson snap verb
pag-atsa o atsahon aron maputol cut with an ax \to ax verb
pagputol sa punoan; pagpul-ong sa punoan cut down verb
pagtuba sa punoan sa saging; tubaon ang punoan sa saging cut down banana trunk, usually as a way of harvesting its fruits \cut down banana stalk verb
pagbatas sa punoan sa kawayan; batason ang punoan sa kawayan fell bamboo pole verb
pagpakgang; pakgangon interrupt \cut short \let up, as rain verb
pag-undang; undangon; ihunong; hunongon stop (see also paghunong) verb

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TermDefinitionPart of Speech
detruncatecut shortverb
disbranchtear off as branchverb
exarticulatecut off at jointverb
pollardtree cut to promote growth of a dense head of foliage, or to produce a dense mass of branchesverb
snufftrim the charred end of candlewickverb

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