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Bisaya translation for pagsulat

What is the meaning or definition of the word Pagsulat?

CebuanoEnglishPart of Speech
pagpatik sa mga pulong gamit ang mga letra o titik; ipatik; patikon write \put into writing \scribble \jot \dash off verb
pagkinamot og sulat; kinamoton pagsulat handwrite \manually write \write in one’s handwriting verb
pagsulat gamit ang bolpen; bolpenon; ibolpen write with a pen \pen verb
pagmakinilya sa isulat; makinilyahon; imakinilya write with a typewriter \typewrite \type \type a letter verb
pagtiklado; itiklado; tikladohon write using the keyboard \type a letter verb
balik-balik sa pagsulat; pangusab sa sinulat rewriting \a rewrite noun
pagsulat og utro; pag-utro og sulat rewrite verb
pagsulat og usab aron makahimo og lain nga kopya transcribe \rewrite verb
pagbalhin og sulat; pagsulat og balhin transcribe \transliterate verb
pagsulat sa mga panghitabo record \chronicle verb
paglista; ilista; listahon list \enlist (see also pagtala) verb
pagsulat sa gidikta take down \write down \jot down verb
pagsulat og numero; pagnumero; numerohan count or mark with number \number verb
pagsulat sa puntos write the score verb
pagsulat sa pirma; pagpirma; pirmahan sign \put one’s signature verb
pagwiris-wiris; wiris-wirisan scrawl (see also pagbiris-biris) verb
pagsulat og resibo; pagresibo; resibohan issue a receipt verb
pagsulat og kanta write a song \compose a song verb
pagsulat og pahanumdom write a note or reminder \denote verb
pagberso; iberso make or write a verse \versify \verse verb

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TermDefinitionPart of Speech
dittographyunintentional repetition of letter or word in writing or copyingnoun
engrosswrite out in large letters of a kind once used for legal documents; make a final fair copy of a legislative bill; express formally or in legal formverb
reminiscetalk or write of past times, experiences, etc.verb
scriptophobiafear of writing in publicnoun
superscribewrite on top or at head ofverb

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