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Bisaya translation for tomboy

What is the meaning or definition of the word Tomboy?

CebuanoEnglishPart of Speech
may pagkalalaki ang kinaiya o linihokan; lakin-on; lalakin-on boyish \butch (see also lalaki) adjective
babaye nga adunay kaibog nga hilawasnon sa isigkababaye; ang tomboy lesbian \homosexual noun
mura og lalaki like a man \manly \manlike adjective
babaye nga mura og lalaki ang dagway o pamarog gynandroid adjective, noun
may kinaiya nga ingon og lalaki; lakin-on boyish adjective

Related Cebuano words for tomboy synonyms and antonyms:


TermDefinitionPart of Speech
androgynoushaving both male and female characteristicsadjective
gynandroida woman who looks like a mannoun
hermaphroditehuman or any animal having sexual organs of both the male and the female; (Bot.) having stamens and pistils in the same flower of the plantnoun
homosexualhaving sexual desire for those of the same sexadjective
sapphismfemale homosexuality; being a lesbiannoun
tribadehomosexual womannoun

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